“Mademoiselle Inaccessible”


Carrie Chisholm (AOCAD, MFA) built her mixed media art practice on reinterpreting designer product photography in both 2D (drawing/painting/collage) and 3D (sculpture, installation) formats. Her work is a playful exploration of the tension between desire and fulfillment through transformed depictions of luxurious and opulent products which she knows to be personally unattainable. 

This work represents an enlarged set of Chanel earrings from their ‘Mademoiselle’ series. In its original form, this product is exquisitely crafted from precious materials, exclusive to all except the few who can afford it, and therefore unattainable to the average person. The piece has been removed from its original source material and reimagined as both larger than life, and slightly imperfect due to the abnormal scale and evidence of a handmade quality fabricated out of commonly found and accessible materials such as paint and cardboard. The hope is that this new version may result in a more accessible and amusing viewing experience for its audience.


‘Imagine the impossible, make it a reality.’ - Chanel (https://www.chanel.com/ca-en/high-jewelry/)


This collection includes work by:
Giancarlo Piccin • Rachelle Soloway • Giselle Silvestri • Jason Van Horne • Allison MacPhail • Janet Solowoniuk • Jennifer Chin • Amita Sen Gupta • Iner Souster • Sandra Tarantino • Ross Bonfanti • Jessica Rysyk • Lisa Sheinin • Luigi Bellini • Victoria Day
& more 
On until Saturday September 30th
Closing Reception Saturday September 23, from 2-5pm


*Show extended to July 8, 2023*

ArtQuarters Gallery announces its latest exhibition, “Convenience,” works by Jennifer Chin and Jessica Rysyk, as part of Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, from May 3 to 20, 2023.

Through their work, both artists in this exhibition attempt to permanently capture the fleeting and somewhat disposable experiences of commercially available convenience foods and confections.

Chin uses photography to capture the variations and disparities found in industrially-produced foods as evidence and tribute to the labour of the individuals involved in their manufacturing. Rysyk captures the experience of nostalgic confections by embedding the candies and wrappers themselves in clear resin blocks, creating an enduring acrylic reliquary.

The title, Convenience, is a site-specific reference to the previous life of the gallery’s space as a local convenience store.

A special opening reception will take place Saturday May 6, 2023, from 2 to 5 pm, with the artists in attendance. 






A selection of artworks on view from
March 1-April 15, 2023
Luigi Bellini
Rafael Charco
Eric Freifeld
Jiri Ladocha
Aba Bayefsky
Lorenzo Fracchetti
K. Days
Kuniyoshi Ichiyusai
John Newman
Paintings by Luigi Bellini (1912-1989)
Curated by Marcello Tarantino 
In the occasion of Italian Heritage Month
June 15 - July 16/22 
Opening reception Saturday June 18 from 1-9pm
Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm
or by appointment.
416 410 7070

Flavio Belli
May 11- June 4, 2022
Reception Saturday May 14 from 12-5pm
with the artist in attendance



Time and reflection change the sight little by little 'til we come to understand." - Paul Cezanne.

Through asemic writing, photography and collage I have chased my demons, followed clues, unwrapped mysteries, rested on still waters, and breathed rarified air.

I have enjoyed the camaraderie of artists, exchanged recipes, experimented with techniques, and upended the intended use of imaging technologies.

Reflecting is my attempt to immobilize time, subvert conscious perception, and portray the spectrality of inner space.

After forty-seven years of photographing through glass and into glass, Reflecting is my dialogue with nature. A small portion of my constant search for the image of a picture.

“Flavio Belli returns to the flesh with direct action upon the copier window: belly pressed to glass.  Belli proves that technology is just another lover, one to be loved. He is at once seduced and seducer in this beautiful show. Like all good art, it means a little more freedom from visual habit for anyone who wants it.” - A.A. Bronson, Proof Only, Vol.1, No.6, April 29 1974

Ceiling, 2022, photograph


About the artist

Belli possesses a wide range of experience in the arts community. He is an
artist, art consultant, curator and collector. He passionately advocates for
community outreach, and works to foster awareness, understanding and
enjoyment of public and personal art created by Canadian artists. His
artworks form part of corporate, private, and public collections, including
the National Gallery of Canada.


Doorway, 2022, photograph 


Kitchen, 2022, photograph


Studio, 2022, photograph 


 Gallery Hours:

Wed-Sat 12-6pm or by appointment

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 *We are currently still follow Covid-19 protocols. Social distancing and masks are strongly preferred in the gallery.






Lovers Art Club and The Dreamers


A Curated Exhibit of Street and Tattoo Artists and Illustrators

April 1-May 1


5-8 PM


(Toronto, Ontario) – ArtQuarters Gallery announces its latest exhibition, “Dualities,” a group show curated by Lovers Art Club and The Dreamers, from April 1 to May 1, 2022. The show features the work of KIZMET, Mony Zak, Victoria Day, Victor Devenir, The Dreamers, and (AlfAlfA + LaPupila).

Dualities exist everywhere. Referring to anything with two parts, distinct and often opposite from each other, dualities are as simple as the dyad between up and down, or as complex as war and peace. We operate our lives in the safety of balance, of opposition, of tension and release. We are taught that gender is a binary, when it’s in fact a spectrum. What other dualities do we take for granted, in which there could be an infinite amount of grey tones in between? What value remains in seeing the world in dualities? Or what if the binary just doesn’t exist? What if the duality we experience in our day-to-day lives, as the output of our human observation of nature (dry and wet, hot and cold, darkness and light), is just an illusion, created by our own minds to instill the balance we need as people? Both parts of any dyad are seemingly inseparable, one emanates a reflection from the other, and both define themselves in contradiction. 

“Dualities” invites artists to explore this narrative of opposites, the lack of them, and everything/nothing in between.

 A special opening reception will take place Saturday April 9, 2022, from 5 to 8 pm, with the artists in attendance. At the reception The Dreamers will undertake an art-making performance, using light, shadow and their signature two-tone line and dot work, and produce two paintings, created live in front of attendees. Featuring the live musical accompaniments of Coteros, this performance can't be missed!

About ArtQuarters Gallery

ArtQuarters Gallery is an intergenerational art space with a focus on appreciation for the arts and our arts communities. This mid-Toronto gallery consists of a commercial space, ceramic studio and a workshop space. Visit artquartersgallery.com for hours and more information.

For media inquiries, please contact:

 Director Sandra Tarantino, contact@artquartersgallery.com 

cell 416 712-7265


Curator Eli Klein timeforklein@gmail.com



David Joron Exhibition "Assemblage"
Exhibiting "screen print paintings", oil paintings and other mixed media work by artist David Joron.
February 9, 2022- March 12, 2022
Meet the Artist: Saturday, March 5, 5-7 pm

Gallery Hours:
Wed-Thurs 12-5pm, Fri-Sat 12-6pm
or by appointment

Also showing works by David Brown, Rupen, Ross Bonfanti, Amita Sen Gupta, Sandra Tarantino more.

 *We are currently follow Covid-19 protocols. Social distancing and masks are required in the gallery.

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Holiday Show 2021
Exhibiting artworks and handmade items from local and Southern Ontario artists and makers 
November 27- Dec 24th
Reception: Saturday Dec 11, 5-8pm

Check out a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, prints, paper, mixed media, ceramic, apparel, paper, functional.

Featuring Works By: Amita Sen Gupta, Jason van Horne, Alison MacPhail, Iner Souster, Manny Trinh, Giselle Silvestri, David Brown, Christine Kim, Luigi Bellini, Anita Sachi, Flavio Belli, Dave Sheppard, Anita Giancola, Amanda Baron, Celina Melo, Natalie Cannistrano, Erin Robertson, Rachelle Soloway, Giancarlo Piccin, Ross Bonfanti, Sandra Tarantino, Natalie Waddell, Printed Pottery, Artistry Cards, Kathryn Boyd, Dog Bite Steel, Sprouts Press, Vanessa Harwood, Leila Cools, Colour Worship, Catherine Faiello, Dog Bite Steel, Rupen and more... 



October 9-31, 2021

Reception: Saturday, October 16 from 5 to 8 pm with artists in attendance. 

Final Sale by Jason Van Horne is a series of miniature abandoned storefronts and retail spaces that have seen better days.  Assembled from discarded cardboard and product packaging, these dilapidated buildings sport store signs and billboards advertising goods and services no longer available.

As a result of some unspecified cataclysmic event, people have moved on or disappeared entirely and the remaining decaying structures and overgrown streets are littered with mangled cars and debris. 

Just the remnants of a once bustling civilization. 


o·ver·come, a group exhibition themed at the emotional state of being overtaken or overwhelmed, but lingering is the potential to prevail.

Featuring works by AWOL Collective: Paul R Turner, Dale Thompson, Edmund Law, Nurit Basin, Pamela Rosales, Ross Bonfanti and Sandra Tarantino, paper cut drawings by Christine Kim, and abstract paintings by Anita Giancola.




Summer Salon 2021
Exhibiting works 30+ artists
July 28th- September 25th, 2021
Reception: Thursday August 5th from 5-9pm
Gallery Hours:
Tues-Thurs 12-5pm, Fri + Sat 11am-6pm
Check out a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, prints, paper, mixed media, ceramic, apparel, paper, functional.
David Brown, Ross Bonfanti, Maciek Balmas, Natalie Cannistraro, Carrie Chisholm, Janice Colbert, Christine Kim, Julie Liger-Belair, Yasmine Louis,  Leone McComas, Catherine Faiello, Elizabeth Fearon, Flandry, Jane Holden, Allison MacPhail, Printed Pottery, Giancarlo Piccin, Erin Glover & Robert Malinowski, Astrid Ho, Randy Hryhorczuk, Gillian Iles, Beverley Rosenberg, Erin Robertson, Rupen, Iner Souster, Amita Sen Gupta, Giselle Silvestri, Rachael Speirs, Andrea Stokes, Sandra Tarantino, Manny Trinh, Colour Worship, Jason Van Horne, Natalie Waddell,  Jennifer Wigmore

 *We are currently follow Covid-19 protocols. Social distancing and masks are required in the gallery.

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Phone: 416 410 7070 Address: 1057 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON M6E 1A6



Vissuto (Lived) 

A celebration of Italo-Canadian and Italian Artists for June Heritage Month 
Curated by Marcello Tarantino

 June 3 to July 11, 2021

 Works by

             Antonio Caruso, Flavio Belli, Ross Bonfanti, Francesco Galle, Giancarlo Piccin, Sandra Tarantino, Marcello Tarantino, Marina Randazzo, Silvio Mastrodascio. As well as, Pietro Annigoni, Gianfranco Antoni, Guido Borgianni, Giulio Da Vicchio, Gigino Falconi, Giancarlo Frezzolini, Rodolfo Marma, Sereno Serena
 "Vissuto", meaning “Lived” looks at the context of human and artist experience within spaces and environments. The works highlight figurative, cityscape and landscape artworks of mid career and beyond artists of Italo-Canadian and Italian decent.This exhibition marks the inaugural opening of ArtQuarters Gallery, a family run art space geared at bringing a passion for the arts and community together. 
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Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12-5 is by appointment

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