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Carrie Chisholm

“Mademoiselle Inaccessible”

This work represents an enlarged set of Chanel earrings from their ‘Mademoiselle’ series. In its original form, this product is exquisitely crafted from precious materials, exclusive to all except the few who can afford it, and therefore unattainable to the average person. The piece has been removed from its original source material and reimagined as both larger than life, and slightly imperfect due to the abnormal scale and evidence of a handmade quality fabricated out of commonly found and accessible materials such as paint and cardboard. The hope is that this new version may result in a more accessible and amusing viewing experience for its audience.


Summer Salon 2023
On view a selection of paintings, mixed media, fabric, sculptures, ceramics and more by a variety of local artists.

Featuring: Amita Sen Gupta, Sandra Tarantino, Iner Souster, Giancarlo Piccin, Rachelle Soloway, Giselle Silvestri, Jason Van Horne, Allison MacPhail, Janet Solowoniuk, Jen Chin, Jessica Rysyk, Luigi Bellini, Dog Bite Steel and more….

July 22-Sept 30

Closing Reception Saturday September 23, from 2-5pm

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Upcoming Workshops


Upcoming Workshops


Our Story

ArtQuartersGallery is an intergenerational family run art space with focus on appreciation for the arts and our arts communities. Our mid-Toronto location consists of a gallery, ceramic studio and a workshop space. Our gallery focuses on themed exhibitions of sculpture, painting, photography and mixed media. Our storefront will have a broad selection of artworks, ceramics, handmade items and apparel by Canadian talents. Art workshops are focused on arts appreciation, fun skill building and connectivity within the local community for kids, teens and adults. The ceramic studio offers drop in and firing services.