Ceramic Studio


Clay Ceramic Studio 

Studio sessions are 3 hours in length.
This Includes:  Wheels and Hand building space. 
Clay studio time is reserved for those who have completed at least two classes with our ceramic instructors OR have equivalent clay experience. 
All new attendees to the clay studio time must have an orientation with our on-site Studio Tech. 
Orientation is available by appointment on Monday only. 
[Please get in touch with us prior]

Please note: 

Clay studio time does not include full instruction on projects, clay material, or firings
Our clay studio technician is in to answer simple questions. 
Bring your own aprons and hand towels with a plastic bag to return home after each session. We will not be able to store them within the studio. 
SIx wheels are available.
Please arrive for the start time only, no earlier.
Clean-up begins a minimum of 20 minutes before the session's end time.

Link here to purchase Clay Studio time.

Clay, Glaze and Firings

Our in studio clay is Cone 6-MCS Porcelain.

Clay purchases include firings and glaze in the cost 

1/3 bag ( 3 kilograms/ 6 pounds) with glaze and firings included
$35 plus tax
1/2 bag (5 kilograms/11 pounds) with glaze and firings 
$45 plus tax

Note: We currently do not sell clay and fire for the general public

 Click here to purchase materials.  

All clay and glazes must be purchased from the studio to assure proper usage. 
We will try to fire as much as possible with a quick turnaround time.
Firings are done when the kiln is full for best practices. 
ArtQuarters Studio is not responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, blistering, exploding or any other type of unsatisfactory result.  Any damage to the kiln furniture, including shelving or posts, due to misuse of glazes/clay will be the responsibility of the maker and a replacement fee will apply. 
Work not labelled, dry or clear of glaze will not be fired. All work needs to be labelled (with a signature and/or initials) on the bottom of each piece.
Glaze firing greenware is prohibited.
*Items must be picked up within two weeks of being glaze fired.

Click here to purchase drop-in studio time.